Prof. Dr. P. Huggenberger, Dr. J. Epting

The COST Action is called GABI - European network for shallow geothermal energy applications in buildings and infrastructure, bringing together geological survey organisations and other researchers in institutes and universities who work on geology and geothermal issues (e.g. civil engineers, planers, national and regional environmental engineers, etc.). A key aspect of the action is to share knowledge and experiences. The network will ensure an inclusive and open platform for scientific discussion to define European best practice rules for geothermal applications, promote public awareness and confidence in these geothermal techniques, and foster advancement in knowledge through collaboration.

Fundamentally, the COST Action is intended to provide improved knowledge to decision-makers, planers and others. This also incorporates a direct involvement of representatives from the cantons that geological survey partners are already working with, or intend to do so (e.g. Environmental Agencies of the Cantons Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft AUE BS & BL; civil engineering departments of the Cantons Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft TBA BS & BL, Federal Office of the Environment FOEN of Switzerland; Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE). These partners will play an important role in guiding some of our activities.

The Swiss Partner, the Applied and Environmental Geology (AUG) Research group of the Basel University is leading in 3D-gelogical and hydrogeological modelling of subsurface systems. The tools developed by the AUG are an important basis for the discussions on sustainable subsurface planning including the thermal management of subsurface resources also in the context of questions concerning the debate on climate change and energy transition (Huggenberger & Epting 2011).

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