Prof. Dr. P. Huggenberger, Dr. J. Epting

The COST Action is called SUB-URBAN - A European network to improve the understanding and the use of the ground beneath our cities, bringing together geological survey organisations and other researchers in institutes and universities who work on urban geology, or on issues that may relate to urban geology (e.g. transportation experts, civil engineers, urban planners, etc.).

Swiss researchers will take advantage of the collaboration with different research groups in the domain of management of resources in Urban Systems. The Swiss Partner, the Applied and Environmental Geology (AUG) Research group of the Basel University, has been invited to join the Action because of its strong competence and experience in the domain of Urban Geology. The AUG is leading in 3D-gelogical and hydrogeological modelling of urban systems. The tools developed by the AUG are an important basis for the discussions on sustainable subsurface planning including the thermal management of urban aquifers also in the context of questions concerning the debate on climate change and energy transition (Huggenberger & Epting 2011).

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