Research Interests

My field of interest is the interaction between agriculture and climate with a particular interest in crop production. In particular, I investigate to what extent agricultural practices contribute to pollution, emission of greenhouse gases, and depletion of natural resources, and how agriculture has to adapt in order to limit the negative impact on the environment within a changing climate while producing sufficient food for the increasing global population.

In my PhD project, I focus on irrigation using a computable general equilibrium model to capture the economy-wide consequences of a change in water availability due to climate change, depletion of the water resources, or change in agricultural practices. I investigate how farmers use water in order to optimize their profit and how land is allocated and the consequences for the global market.

Curriculum vitae

9 /2020-3/2021 Scientific collaborator and Lab Technician, Plant nutrition group, ETH Zurich (CH)

9/2018 – 8/2020 MSc Agricultural Sciences. Major: “Plant Sciences”, Minors: “Agricultural Economics and Policies” and “Functioning of Soil Systems”. ETH Zurich, Switzerland (CH)

9/2014 – 8/2017 BSc Agricultural Sciences. ETH Zurich (CH)

Geremia Portrait

Geremia Pellegri


Klingelbergstrasse 27, 4056 Basel