Ruixia Chao
Doktorandin Forschungsassistentin Humangeographie / Stadt- und Regionalforschung, Büro 2-14
Klingelbergstrasse 27
4056 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 09 71

Title of Master’s thesis:
“The influences of Low-rent housing locations and allocation system on residents’ work behavior in Guangzhou", Department of Geography and Urban planning, Sun Ytsen University, Guangzhou.

Ph.D. project
Social housing and social justice in contemporary urban China – the Case of Guangzhou’s social housing policy

Award and Scholarship: 2012 – 2016  Chinese National Government Scholarship (for advanced studies abroad)

Curriculum vitae

Akademischer Hintergrund

  • 09/2006-07/2010: Bachelor of Science in Environment Science Department, University of Finance and Economics, Sun Yat-sen University
  • 09/2010-07/2012: Master of Science  in Department of Urban and Regional Planning of Sun Yat-sen University

Forschungs- und Arbeitserfahrungen

  • 08/2008: National undergraduate program “San Xia Xiang” for research on environment management of the Fenhe River
  • Ÿ08/2010: Conference of Human Geography Developmen, Guangzhou
  • Ÿ10/2010-01/2012: Joint SPP project (Megacities megachallenge--Guangzhou) of University of   Cologne and Sun Yat-sen University;  research on electronic technology workers in Dongguan; interviews of overseas Chinese organizations and individuals in Dongguan
  • Ÿ01/2011: Third joint University of Basel - Sun Yat-sen University – Fieldtrip in Pearl River Delta, participant
  • 04/2011—08/2011: Research as an exchange student at University of Cologne
  • Ÿ01/2012: Fourth joint University of Basel - Sun Yat-sen University – Fieldtrip in Pearl River Delta, participant
  • Ÿ01/2010 –03/2012: Internship, Shanxi Physical Survey Court
  • Ÿ01/2012-03/2012: Accountant, Hengshun Cargo Company


Full digital surveying and mapping

  • Applications of digital mapping technology in urban planning

Informal economy

  • Forms of informal economy internationalInformal economy in Guangzhou – spatial organization and spatial operation

Social Housing

  • Policy system of social housing in GuangzhouOperation of low-rent housing allocation system in GuangzhouWork mechanism of policy on residents’ work behavior Residents’ work changes on location and employ rate before and after moving in.