Finished PhD (under the co-direction of Prof. Stefanie Jacomet, IPAS and Dr. Cesare Ravazzi, CNR-IDPA Milano). Subject: The archaeobotanical study of the Bronze Age pile-dwellings of Lavagnone and Lucone (N-Italy).The aims of this research are:

  • to reconstruct natural vegetation and human activities through plant macroremains analysis
  • to define the role of animal husbandry in southern alpine foreland during the Bronze Age through the analysis of goat/sheep coprolites

Part of this research is funded by SNF within the project: “The role of animal fodder in Neolithic and Bronze Age subsistence economy and its palaeoecological implications” (project Nr. 105312-110406/1).

Other projects in progress:

Archaeobotanical study of the etruscan settlement (VIth-IVth cent. B.C.) of Forcello (Bagnolo San Vito, Mantova), direction: R.C. de Marinis (University of Milano).


Renata Perego
Integrative prehistoric an achaeological Science IPAS
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C.N.R. - IDPA (Instituto per la Cinamica dei Processi Ambientali) - Milano (Italy)
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