Titel Forschungsleitende Status
PSC - Syngenta Fellowship: Mycorrhiza-facilitated bioirrigation in intercropping systems in dryland agriculture as a new tool to stabilize and increase yields of small holder farmsKahmen, Ansgar Abgeschlossen
The root immune response in a cellular and developmental context II Boller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
ISCB: Biofertilization and bioirrigation for sustainable mixed cropping of pigeon pea and finger millet Boller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
IDP BRIDGES: ESR3 siRomics for universal diagnostics of plant viral disease and virus diversity studiesBoller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
IDP BRIDGES: ESR13 The use of PGPRs and mycorrhizae as biofertilizers on marginal land in IndiaBoller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
IDP BRIDGES: ESR7 Using epigenetics to help improve plant breeding in organic farmingBoller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Signaling pathways involved in the plant's response to plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria strains R62 & R81 Boller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Trinationales Institut für PflanzenforschungBoller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) - "Nuglar-Gärten" Frich, Bastian Abgeschlossen
Perception of MAMPs and DAMPs by PRRs in Plants Boller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Sino-Swiss Plant Science WorkshopWacker, Luca Abgeschlossen
Elucidation of the root immune response in a cellular and developmental context Boller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Common mycorrhizal networks: Impact on biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and sustainable land use. Wiemken, Andres M. Abgeschlossen
Perception of MAMPs and DAMPs by PRRs in plants. Boller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Swiss Plant Science Web Boller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Population dynamics of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under transgenic strawberries and their wild relatives Wiemken, Andres M. Abgeschlossen
Carbohydrate metabolism and allocation in plants, as related to mycorrhizal symbiosis and stress tolerance Wiemken, Andres M. Abgeschlossen
Managing arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) for sustainable agriculture:Molecular tools for strain-specific tracing and quantification of AMF applied as bio-fertilizers Wiemken, Andres M. Abgeschlossen
A GC-MS⁄GC-IRMS for the molecular-level analyses of organic matter and the isotopic characterization of inorganic and organic compounds in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems (2008) Lehmann, Moritz F Abgeschlossen
Plant growth in a changing environment: Effect of biotic stress on plant growth Boller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Perception and transduction of microbial signals in plants Boller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Application and transfer to India of molecular tools for monitoring of bacterial PGPR bioinoculants, particularly Pseudomonas spp., in wheat crops in tropical soils Boller, Thomas Abgeschlossen
Interplay of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with transgenic and non-transgenic wheat Boller, Thomas Abgeschlossen