General research interests include, using satellite remote sensing/earth observation to measure and map regional to global environmental change. The two main themes are i) monitoring vegetation changes across dryland environments in response to climate and anthropogenic drivers, and ii) investigating the biogeochemical (i.e. carbon sequestration) and biophysical (i.e. surface energy balance) feedbacks of vegetation in these environments.

Specifically, my research has looked at southern African savannas and focused on: combining long-term, high resolution remote sensing data to quantify land cover changes across savanna and tropical dry forest biomes.

Integrating field measurement of above ground biomass with high resolution remote sensing datasets.

Integrating field measurements of vegetation cover with moderate resolution, dense time-series earth observation datasets and applying time-series and trend analyses to high temporal resolution earth observation datasets.

Exploring the response of satellite-derived proxies of vegetation cover and condition in relation to climate variables, including precipitation and land surface temperature.

Investigating the response of savanna and montane biomes to global environmental change. In particular, the response of C4 savanna vegetation communities to rising atmospheric CO2, and exploring what implications these have for both biogeochemical and biophysical feedbacks.



Vladimir Wingate

Dr. Vladimir Wingate

Assistent / PostDoc (FG Kuhn)


Klingelbergstrasse 27
4056 Basel