Johannes Pietsch - Research Interest and Education

Since 2011 I am working as a professional geologist with interests in regional geology and dynamics of shallow marine depositional systems. I can pursue these interests during my PhD project as well as in various projects concerning regional geological issues, especially salt mining in north-western Switzerland.

My current focus is on the investigation of Triassic marine sediments of the Upper Muschelkalk. The aim of the recent project is a better understanding of the local subsidence pattern at the time of the Middle Triassic and its effects on the sedimentary record. The three main points of the work are sedimentological-stratigraphic studies, analysis of both thickness and facies data and their integration into a regional tectonic context.


  • Since 2019: Project Manager Geology at Schweizer Salinen / Salines Suisses
  • 2019 (spring semester): Assistant lecturer (“Kartenlesen und Profilzeichnen”) at Universität Basel
  • 2018: Project Manager Geology at GEOTEST AG
  • 2016 – 2018: Temporary Assistant at Universität Basel
  • Since 2013: PhD student at Universität Basel
  • 2011 – 2017: Project Manager Geology at Gruner Böhringer AG
  • 2011: Internship at Alptransit Gotthard base-tunnel, local construction management in Faido (Amberg Engineering AG)
  • 2011: MSc in Earth Science, Universität Basel
  • 2008: BSc in Geoscience (Major in Earth Sciences), Universität Basel


Jordan, P., Pietsch, J., Bläsi, H., Furrer, H., Kündig, N., Looser, N., Wetzel, A., Deplazes, G. (2016). The Middle to Late Triassic Bänkerjoch and Klettgau Formations of Northern Switzerland. Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 109(2), 257–284.

Jordan, P., Pietsch, J., Kündig, N., Bläsi, H., & Deplazes, G. (2016). Grundlagen zur Definition und Unterteilung der Klettgau- und Bänkerjoch-Formation (vormals Oberer und Mittlerer Keuper) in der Nordschweiz. Nagra Arbeitsbericht, NAB 16-62.

Pietsch, J., Wetzel, A., & Jordan, P. (2016). A new lithostratigraphic scheme for the Schinznach Formation (upper part of the Muschelkalk Group of northern Switzerland). Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 109(2), 285–307.

Jordan, P., Malz, A., Heuberger, S., Pietsch, J., Kley, J., & Madritsch, H. (2015). Regionale geologische Profile durch die Nordschweiz und 2D-Bilanzierung der Fernschubdeformation im östlichen Faltenjura: Arbeitsbericht zu SGT Etappe 2. Nagra Arbeitsbericht, NAB 14-105.

Pietsch, J. (2015). Abschätzung möglicher Nachfolgeschäden untiefer Geothermienutzung in Mumpf: Lokalisierung eines permeablen Störungssystems. Regio Basiliensis, 56/2, 88–97.

Pietsch, J., & Jordan, P. (2014). Digitales Höhenmodell Basis Quartär der Nordschweiz - Version 2014 (SGT E2) und ausgewählte Auswertungen. Nagra Arbeitsbericht, NAB 14-02.

Johannes Peitsch

Johannes Pietsch
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