Research Projects

  • Post-hurricane field survey in the wake of hurricane Irma on the British Virgin Islands - documentation and analyses of inundation parameters and hurricane sediments (DFG-project SP 1298/2-1); press release_1; press release_2; press release_3

  • Sedimentary record of tsunami and hurricane deposits on the British Virgin Islands; in cooperation with Dr. B. Atwater (USGS);field trips in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018; press release_1; press release_2; press release 3; press release 4; press release 5

  • Guest scientist in CARQUAKES-project: Documentation and evaluation of the risk of earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes on the French Antilles (funded by the French National Research Agency at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France)

  • In-situ processes of sediment alteration and weathering (e.g., cliff erosion; karstification of coastal platforms), with special attention on the preservation potential of fine-grained sediments within the geological record

  • Inverse modelling of tsunami flow depth and flow speed; in collaboration with Dr. R. Weiss (Virginia Tech) and Dr. H. Tang (University of Arizona)

  • Hydrodynamic aspects of hurricane surges; in collaboration with Dr. B. Jaffe (USGS)

  • OSL-dating of Holocene coastal sediments and event deposits; in collaboration with Prof. M. Frechen and Dr. S. Tsukamoto (LIAG Hannover)

  • Origin and sedimentology of chevron deposits (U.S. west coast and Western Australia; DFG-project SP 1298/1-1, 1-2)

  • Sediments of the 27.02.2010 Chile-tsunami (DFG-project BA 1011/37-1); press release

  • Sediments of the 17.07.2006 Java-tsunami (DFG-project BA 1011/33-1); press release

  • Historical tsunami deposits in Peru and northern Chile and their distinction from El Niño-related sediments (DFG-project BA 1011/32-1)

  • Miocene oyster-accumulations in the Korneuburg Basin: Storm versus tsunami origin; in collaboration with Dr. M. Harzhauser (Naturkundemuseum Wien)

  • Sedimentology of tsunami- and hurricane deposits on the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire und Curaçao)

  • Submarine mass wasting deposits in the geological record (e.g., debris flows, submarine tsunamites, olistostromes and olistoliths)

  • Characteristics of storm deposits on the Hallig Hooge; Deicke & Spiske; in collaboration with Dr. M. Deicke / Universität Göttingen

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