Teaching at DUW


  • 14527  Lecture and tutorial System Erde: Entwicklung und Dynamik der Erde (together with various other lecturers of the DUW); every HS (Spiske: plate tectonics, geophysics, exogenous geology, sedimentology) and FS (Spiske: structural geology)

  • 20693  Lecture Grundlagen der Sedimentologie; HS2018

  • 20692  Tutorial Methoden der Sedimentologie; HS2018

  • 10519  Lecture and tutorial Kartenlesen und Profilzeichnen; FS2019

  • 53559  Lecture and tutorial Marine and Coastal Geology; FS2019
  • 23159  Lecture and tutorial Geologie der Schweiz (with D. Fleitmann, L. Franz); HS 2019
  • 27577  Seminar Current studies in Earth Sciences (with L. Franz); every HS and FS

  • 10524  Seminar Erdwissenschaften (with L. Franz); every HS

  • 12613  Field and lab course Sedimentologie-Stratigraphie (with C. Meyer) ; FS2018, HS2018

  • 12876  Field course Feldorientierte Methoden in den Geowissenschaften (together with various other lecturers of the DUW); every FS

  • Several 1-day excursions

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