Stand: FS 2019
Zeit: mittwochs ab 16:15 Uhr im HS223  (Info als pdf

27. März  Prof. Dr. Markus Leuenberger, Climate and Environmental Physics, Universität Bern
Links between the main biogeochemical cycles of the Earth climate system Abstract

Host: Prof. Markus Kalberer

3. April

Host: Prof. Nikolaus Kuhn

10. April  Dr. Christoph Schwörer, Inst. of Plant Sciences, Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research, Universität Bern
Back to the Future - Using paleoecological data to estimate future vegetation changes

Host: Prof. Oliver Heiri


24. April Prof. James Goff, Professor UNSW Sydney, Australia, currently Visiting Professor School of Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Southampton
Palaeotsunamis and the human colonization of the Pacific islands

Host: PD Dr. Michaela Spiske

8. Mai    Prof. Caspar Hirschi, SHSS-HSG St. Gallen
A toxic mix: scientific uncertainty, political pressure and natural risks in the l’Aquila scandal Abstract

Host: Prof. Peter Huggenberger                                 

15. Mai

22. Mai  PD Dr. Guenter Hoch, Dept. of Environmental Sciences – Botany, University of Basel
Trees and drought: How vulnerable are our forests to summer droughts? Abstract

Host: Prof. Christine Alewell