Aquatic and Isotope Biogeochemistry (Prof. M. Lehmann)

Teaching and research activities of our group deal with biogeochemical processes and their isotope-geochemical signatures in aquatic systems and sedimentary environments. We are particularly interested in the biological cycling/transformation of nitrogenous compounds (and their isotopologues), methane, and organic matter in terrestrial aquatic environments and the ocean, as well as the use stable isotope and organic-geochemical indicators to reconstruct environmental conditions in the past.

Lake Cadagno
Fig. 5: Transcriptomic differences on functional level

Latest Publication

Niederdorfer, R., Hausherr, D., Palomo, A., Wei, J., Magyar, P., Smets, B.F., Joss, A. & B├╝rgmann, H.. Temperature modulates stress response in mainstream anammox reactors.

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