Bachelor- and Master thesis topics in the field of Spring- and Freshwater Ecology

  • Projects to springs in the Swiss National Park
  • Projects to springs in other Swiss Parks (e.g. Park Beverin, Park Ela)
  • Alpine springs and headwater streams (longitudinal zonation, temperature)
  • Molecular genetic laboratory studies to water mites or caddis flies
  • The meiofauna at the interface of springs and groundwater
  • Groundwater organisms (e.g. Lange Erlen or Hardwasser...)
  • Auto ecological laboratory studies (e.g. sensibility to temperature, pesticides...)
  • Auto ecological field studies
  • Assessment and evaluation of flowing water bodies (MSK/SPEAR)


If you are interested please contact: Dr. Stefanie von Fumetti (+41 61 207 08 17)