Research Interests

I am interested in how humans interact with their environment and what these modifications do to the world around us. I use a multidisciplinary approach by combining paleoenvironmental, archaeological, anthropological, historical, and remote sensing data - to disentangle signals of natural and anthropogenic influences on ecosystems and landscapes. By investigating the characteristics and consequences of human modifications to environments in the recent past we build a lens to examine potential future trajectory scenarios for managed landscapes. I am also interested in the social values and perceptions of land use/land cover change and stakeholder consensus building for land management policy, regulation and practices. This type of research supports pathways to sustainable outcomes and our policy-relevant science is used to inform principles-based policies and management decisions. Other applications of this research are risk- and evidence-based approaches in cultural and natural resource management, insurance costings, crisis response and management, natural hazard risk assessments and planning, and regional security studies.

I have been involved in previous and on-going projects in tropical East Africa, the Arctic, mountain areas of western North America, and peri-urban areas in eastern Canada.

Current projects

Curriculum vitae

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Dr. Colin Courtney-Mustaphi
Klingelbergstrasse 27
4056 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 08 06