Group III - Assistants, PhD students and Postdocs


GIII representation in the departmental committee meeting: 1 observer

GIII representation in the departmental assembly: 4 delegates (10% voice)

Both the committee meetings and the assembly take place once a semester. During these meetings not only topics such as budget, room allocation and events (e.g. Uni Fest) are discussed, but also the strategic development of the department in the next 10 - 20 years.

We (Group III, GIII) regularly meet to inform on the activities and decisions reached during the departmental assembly and meetings. These informal gatherings also provide a good opportunity to meet other assistants, PhD students and Postdocs from the department. Concerns and requests can be formulated and then presented at the next assembly, or we can simply exchange experiences and enjoy a beer, wine, water or tea together. Information on the next meeting can be found here.


Once a year we hold a plenary meeting whereby the delegates are elected.

Election process:

  • The members of GIII elect up to 4 delegates from their midst
  • The simple majority of the members present is sufficient
  • The mandate lasts for 2 years
  • Re-election is possible
  • The elected delegates of GIII can transfer their vote to a person of their choice from the same group.

Rights and obligations:

  • Participation in the departmental assembly
  • Attendance at the departmental committee meetings
  • Warranty of a replacement in case of absence
  • Informing GIII members
  • Invitation to and preparation of annual plenary meeting


  • Irene Adrian-Kalchhauser, since HS2015
  • Matthias Müller, since HS2015
  • Claudia Saalfrank, since HS2013
  • Fabio Wegmüller, since HS2012


2. OG, Zimmer 205
Klingelbergstrasse 27
4056 Basel

Claudia Saalfrank

Tel. +41 61 267 07 27