Research interests and responsibilities

  • Field botany
  • Climate and vegetation modelling
  • IT support

Education and professional experience

since 1998 University of Basel, Departement of Environmental Sciences, Research assistant and IT support
1995 University of Basel, PhD degree; Thesis on the biological carbon stock inventory in Switzerland
1989 University of Basel, MSc degree; Thesis: Inventory of Mesobrometum meadows in a part of the Swiss Jura mountains
Field inventories on the quality of rural ecosystems at Schweiz. Voglewarte Sempach
Field inventories for the Swiss Biodiversity monitoring programme (BDM) in the alps
Different projects on relational database programming


Paulsen J, Körner C (2014) A climate-based model to predict potential treeline position around the globe. Alp Bot 124:1-12

Normand S, Randin CF, Ohlemüller R, Bay C, Høye TT, Kjær, ED, Körner C, Lischke H, Maiorano L, Paulsen J Pearman PB, Psomas, A, Treier UA, Zimmermann NE, Svenning JC (2013) A greener Greenland? Climatic potential and long-term constraints on the future expansion of trees and shrubs across a large Arctic region. Philos Trans R Soc B-Biol Sci 368: UNSP 20120479

Randin CF, Paulsen J, Vitasse, Kollas C, Wohlgemuth T, Zimmermann NE, Körner C (2013) Do the elevational limits of deciduous tree species match their thermal latitudinal limits? Glob Ecol Biogeogr 22:913-923

Körner C, Paulsen J, Spehn EM (2011) A definition of mountains and their bioclimatic belts for global comparisons of biodiversity data. Alp Bot 121:73-78

Körner C, Paulsen J (2004) A world-wide study of high altitude treeline temperatures. J Biogeogr 31:713-732

Körner C, Paulsen J, Pelaez-Riedl S (2003) A bioclimatic characterisation of Europe’s alpine areas. In: Nagy L, Grabherr G, Körner C, Thompson DBA (eds) Alpine biodiversity in Europe. Springer, Berlin, pp 13-28

Paulsen J, Körner C (2001) GIS-analysis of tree-line elevation in the Swiss Alps suggest no exposure effect. J Veg Sci 12:817-824

Paulsen J, Weber UM, Körner C (2000) Tree growth near treeline: abrupt or gradual reduction with altitude? Arct Antarct Alp Res 32:14-20

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Dr. Jens Paulsen

University of Basel
Department of Environmental Sciences
Plant Ecology and Evolution
Schönbeinstrasse 6
4056 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 35 08