Title Principal Researcher Status
Myrmicinosporidium durum: an enigmatic disease of ants Braschler, Brigitte Ongoing
Ant diversity along an urban-rural gradient: a trait-based approach Braschler, Brigitte Ongoing
Ant assemblages in Southern Africa: a trait-based approach Braschler, Brigitte Ongoing
Soil arthropod biodiversity of urban gardens Gilgado Hormaechea, José Domingo;Baur, Bruno Complete
Invasive Species: Impact on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions Baur, Bruno Complete
Ecological Restoration Baur, Bruno Complete
Urban ecology Baur, Bruno Complete
Review of ant species richness and species distributions in South Africa Braschler, Brigitte Complete
Effects of small-scale grassland fragmentation on invertebrate diversity Braschler, Brigitte;Baur, Bruno Complete