Title Principal Researcher Status
A genomic perspective on host-parasite coevolution Ebert, Dieter Ongoing
Testing predictions of Red Queen coevolution Ebert, Dieter Complete
Testing genetic assumptions and predictions of Red Queen coevolutionEbert, Dieter Complete
Loss of heterozygosity during asexual reproduction. Ebert, Dieter Complete
STRESSFLEA: How to live in a mosaic of STRESSors - an ecological genomics approach on the water FLEA (09-EuroEEFG-FP-040) Ebert, Dieter Complete
Processes and genetic mechanisms of host-parasite coevolution.Ebert, Dieter Complete
Processes and mechanisms of antagonistic coevolutionEbert, Dieter Complete
Host-Parasite EvolutionEbert, Dieter Complete
Daphnia Functional Genomics ResourceEbert, Dieter;Pfrender, Michael Complete
DaphniaPasteuria Ebert, Dieter Complete