Title Principal Researcher Status
Molecular evolution and ontogenetic development of dietary adaptations in vertebrates at the micro- and macro-evolutionary scale Salzburger, Walter Ongoing
Elucidating the gene regulatory logic of convergent cell fate specification in the developing vertebrate skeleton Tschopp, Patrick Ongoing
A CRISPR/Cas9-screening platform to decipher conserved cell fate specification networks in vivo Tschopp, Patrick Ongoing
Cell fate decisions during digit developmentTschopp, Patrick Ongoing
Regulatory evolution of vertebrate skeletogenesisTschopp, Patrick Ongoing
Seed funding - Convergent Cell Fate Decisions and Skeletal Patterning at Evolutionary, Embryonic and Single Cell Resolution Tschopp, Patrick Complete
The role of muscle and motor neuron patterning in constraining digit numberTschopp, Patrick Complete