Ecology and Plant Systems / Botany

Research Group Baur; Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology

Group Leader: Prof. Bruno Baur
Secretary: Evelyn Meyer

St. Johanns-Vorstadt 10
4056 Basel
Telephone +41 61 207 08 31

Research Group Plant Physiology

Plant Physiology

Secretary: Maura Ellenberger

Hebelstrasse 1
4056 Basel
Telephone +41 61 207 23 11

Research Group Kahmen; Sustainable Landuse

Sustainable Landuse

Group Leader: Prof. Ansgar Kahmen
Secretary: Maura Ellenberger

Totengässlein 3
4051 Basel
Telefon  +41 61 207 35 00


The Sustainable Landuse Group investigates the physiological processes in plants that determine the fluxes of water, nitrogen and carbon in ecosystems. The goal of our work is to understand how plants function in the context of their environment and to reveal how plants shape the provision of ecosystem goods and services in natural and agricultural ecosystems.