Work Security

In the section Work Security there is a series of regulations and instruction leaflets for all employees of the Bernoullianum.

Market of Discarded Equipment

The market of discarded equipment offers lab equipment, computer hardware and other equipment of the Department of Environmental Sciences that are no longer in use to interested parties. Thus these items shall come to be used in a new place.

If you are interested in one of the offered items please get in touch with the respective contact person.

Shared Equipment

Shared equipment: some of the giant lab equipment is qualified for shared use by different research groups (including external users). For location and conditions of use please consult the description of each device.

Apps for smartphones about the Botanical Garden

This App is a handy tool for people interested in Botany to localize certain plants in the Botanical Garden of Basel.

Link to the Iphone-App:

Link to the Android-App:

Link to the Windows-App ist:


Die Arealstatistik erhebt im Turnus von zwölf bzw. neun Jahren Informationen zur Bodennutzung und -bedeckung der Schweiz auf der Grundlage von Luftbildern des Bundesamtes für Landestopographie. Neben Statistiken stellt die Arealstatistik auch Geobasisdaten in Hektarauflösung für Geographische Informationssysteme (GIS) des Bundes (ARE, BAV, BAZL, BAFU, BLW, BAKOM), der Kantone, Forschungsanstalten (WSL, Agroscope, EAWAG) und Hochschulen bereit. Ausserdem liefert sie Inputs in nationale Programme (Raumbeobachtung CH, Biodiversitätsmonitoring CH, Hydrologische Untersuchungsgebiete) und Indikatorensysteme.

Metadaten in Form von PDF-Dateien sowie die kostenlos verfügbaren Geodaten können hier heruntergeladen werden.

Personen die Zugang zu den kostenpflichtigen Artikeln brauchen wenden sich bitte an Frau Erika Hiltbrunner per Mail oder unter Tel. 078 744 96 21


ArcGIS Geographic Information System

ArcGIS is the leading Geographic Information System. It is used for the recording, administration, analysis, and presentation of spatial information. The software package contains various products, all of which are included in the campus license. For further details, please refer to the manufacturer’s website or go to

Costs will be borne by the DUW. Use is free of charge for University of Basel staff and students. The campus license is based on a license server (, to which ArcGIS-equipped computers must have access. An unlimited number of licenses may be used at the same time.

For programme information and download, please contact Brian Steiner (AUG) at Brian Steiner, Tel +41 61 207 55 94


ArcGIS Geographic Information System:
Brian Steiner, AUG
Tel +41 61 207 55 94


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