Bachelor in Biology

Since 2003/2004, the Biozentrum and the Department of Environmental Sciences have been offering a joint BSc Biology.

This three-year course leads to a Bachelor of Science in Biology (BSc Biology). Upon the successful completion of the two-semester basic studies programme, students choose from three majors (specialisations) for the advanced studies (four semesters):  Molecular Biology, Animal and Plant Sciences, and – as a combination of both – Integrative Biology

Major in Molecular Biology: Molecular Biology studies the life of important structures and functions on the level of molecules and cells. Coursework develops knowledge and methods in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Genetics, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology, and Structural Biology.

Major in Animal and Plant Sciences: Animal and Plant Sciences study organisms, populations and aspects of cell and developmental biology. Coursework covers Physiology, Symbiosis Research, Developmental Biology, Population and Evolution Research, Parasitology and Epidemiology, Vertebrate Biology and Entomology, Ecology, Nature Conservation and Environmental Research.

Major in Integrative Biology: Integrative Biology combines both directions and allows students to define their own areas of interest. 

Please note that entry onto the BSc Biology is possible only in the autumn semester. For further information, please contact the Biology Student Office.

BSc Biology Study Regulations

BSc Biology Study Guidelines


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