About us

Our group investigates the role of aerosols (particulate matter) in the atmosphere and performs studies elucidating different meteorological and climatological processes.

Aerosols play a major role in the climate system of our planet and is a main component of polluted air. Up to date, detailed mechanisms are however not yet fully understood.

A main focus of our activities is the investigation of aerosol sources and their chemical characterization both in laboratory experiments and field studies, as well as the identification and quantification of aerosol components showing adverse health effects.

A second focus is the investigation of climatological and micrometeorological processes using different types of flux measurements, for example in urban areas (Basel) or in the desert of Namibia.

Open Bachelor and Master Theses:

Call for Master’s Thesis Project in Atmospheric Science:

Detection of Highly Reactive Compounds in Aerosol Particles as an Indicator for Particle Toxicity

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Office Atmospheric Sciences
University of Basel
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