Department of Environmental Sciences

We are dedicated to studying the environment in the widest possible sense, through exploring the biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. Advancing understanding of the environment is of utmost importance at the University of Basel within its focus on Life Sciences. The Department of Environmental Sciences thus researches the past and present complex interactions between the environment and human life under manifold aspects and through the interrelating of various disciplines, including Botany, Zoology, Ecology, Physical Geography, Human Geography, Meteorology, Environmental Geosciences, Nature Conservation, Landscape and Environmental Protection, Biogeography, Sustainable Development, and Archaeology.

The Department of Environmental Sciences comprises 18 professors and over 300 members of staff, whose allocated university budget is worth 15 million Swiss francs, in addition to which the Department receives considerable funding from foundations and third parties (including the Swiss National Science Foundation).

The new departments booklet is available for free at the departments office (only German version).

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General Assembly:

07.12.2017, 16:15h
budget meeting
Hörsaal Vesalianum,
Vesalgasse 1

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Annual Report

Annual Report 2015 (logged in members only)


Department coordinator

dipl. phil. Sonja Zürcher Bugmann
Tel. +41 61 267 36 14