Executive Management

The Offices of the Executive Management are in the Bernoullianum, Bernoullistrasse 30, ground floor.


Sonja Zürcher

Managing Director
Office: 031
Email: sonja.zuercher@unibas.ch
Phone: +41 61 207 36 14


Marianne Petrucci

Dezentrales HR
Office: 030
Email: marianne.petrucci@unibas.ch
Phone: +41 61 207 16 89


Joëlle Zweiacker

Office: 030
Email: joelle.zweiacker@unibas.ch
Phone: +41 61 207 39 14


Dominique Wyss

Safety Officer
Office: 030
Email: dominique.wyss@unibas.ch
Phone: +41 61 207 34 48

Plant Science Center Coordination


Departement Assembly

The Assembly represents the Departement and its members as a whole and consists of the following factions (voting weight in percentage for the entire faction)

I) all Professors with exeption of non-tenure track assistant professors and "Titularprofessoren"(faction I)(50%)
II) non-tenure track assistant professors, "Titularprofessoren", private lecturers, PhDs and Postdocs (=„Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter und Mitarbeiterinnen“) (faction II)(20%)
III) research assistants (=„Assistierende“) (faction III)(10%)
IV) administrative and technical staff (faction IV)(10%)
V) students (faction V)(10%)

The Assembly meets at least once per semester


Teaching Committees

The Teaching Committees are responsible for the conception of the degree program and for all questions concerning tuition.

Teaching Committee Biology:
Biology BSc, Animal Biology MSc, Molecular Biology MSc, Ecology MSc, Plant Science MSc, Infection Biology/Epidemiology MSc
Chair: Prof. Walter Salzburger

Teaching Committee Geography / Geosciences:
Geosciences BSc, Geosciences MSc, SLA I + II
Chair: Dr. Stephanie von Fumetti

Teaching Committee Integrative Prehistory and Archaeological Science:
Integrative Prehistory and Archaeological Science BSc and MSc
Chair: Prof. Jörg Schibler

Teaching Committee Sustainable Development:
Sustainable Development, MSc
Coordination: Camelia Chebbi