Dr. Carl Love Råman Vinnå
Assistant / Postdoc
Carl Love Råman Vinnå
Philosophisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Departement Umweltwissenschaften
FG Schilling

Assistant / Postdoc

Bernoullistrasse 30/32
4056 Basel


Love Råman Vinnå was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. He enrolled at the Gothenburg university in the department of Marine Sciences in 2006. Here he obtained a Bachelor and Master’s degree in physical oceanography with the theses ”Geothermal Heating of Canada Basin Deep Water” and “Comparing Satellite Measurements of Sea Surface Temperature with FerryBox Data in Skagerrak and Kattegat”. During his studies he worked as a scientific and research assistant, among other things he performed fjord modelling for the Box-win project with the goal to artificially increase deep water renewal in the Baltic Sea.

In 2013 Love moved to Switzerland to start his PhD at EPFL in Lausanne at the Physics of Aquatic Systems Laboratory APHYS under Professor Alfred Johny Wüest. His thesis titled “Global and local anthropogenic effects on hydrodynamics of lakes - Applications to Lake Biel drinking water management” linked past, present, and future process in lakes to favorable location selection for drinking water intakes. After his examination, Love completed multiple postdoc projects at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, the Universities of Hong Kong, Neuchâtel, and Basel, where he investigated future climate impacts on lakes and rivers as well as ground water and river intrusions into lakes. Presently Love is at the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Basel. Here he works on the project “Future River temperatures in Switzerland under climate change”, a project he obtained funding for from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).


A framework for ensemble modelling of climate change impacts on lakes worldwide: the ISIMIP Lake Sector. (2022) M Golub, et al., Geoscientific Model Development Discussions, 1-57

The vulnerability of lakes to climate change along an altitudinal gradient. (2021) L Råman Vinnå, I Medhaug, M Schmid, D Bouffard. Communications Earth & Environment 2 (1), 1-10      

Assessing subaquatic mass movement hazards: an integrated observational and hydrodynamic modelling approach. (2020). L Råman Vinnå, D Bouffard, A Wüest, S Girardclos, N Dubois. Water Resources Management 34 (13), 4133-4146

Subaquatic slope instabilities: the aftermath of river correction and artificial dumps in Lake Biel (Switzerland). (2020). N Dubois, L Råman Vinnå, M Rabold, M Hilbe, FS Anselmetti, A Wüest, Sedimentology 67 (2), 971-990

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  • Future River temperatures in Switzerland under climate change - FOEN
  • Energetic potentials & artificial groundwater recharge - FOEN
  • Assessing subaquatic groundwater discharge via pockmarks in peri-alpine lakes - SNSF
  • Evolution of stream and lake water temperature under climate change - FOEN
  • Hydrodynamic modelling of Lake Biel for optimizing the future location of Ipsach drinking water intake - ESB
  • Baltic Sea Restoration BoxWin – Swedish EPA – BSAP fund


since 04.2022
Postdoc | University of Basel

03.2020 to 09.2021              
Postdoc | The Centre for Hydrogeology and Geothermics University of Neuchâtel

11.2020 to 02.2021               
Postdoc | University of Basel

05.2018 to 11.2019                
Postdoc | Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) Kastanienbaum

09.2017 to 11.2017                 
Postdoc | Environmental Hydraulics and Water Resources Department HKUST, Hong Kong China

02.2012 to 04.2013               
Research assistant | University of Gothenburg, Sweden

09.2010 to 05.2011               
Scientific assistant | Institute of Marine Sciences, Gothenburg University, Sweden 


06.2013 to 01.2018
PhD in environmental engineering | École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

09.2006 to 01.2012              
Master and Bachelor in Physical Oceanography | University of Gothenburg, Sweden

08.2001 to 06.2004            
Grammar school / Nacka Gymnasium | Stockholm Sweden