Prof. Dr. Christine Alewell
Christine Alewell
Philosophisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Departement Umweltwissenschaften
FG Alewell


Bernoullistrasse 30/32
4056 Basel

Tel. +41 61 207 04 77

Current and Previous Positions

since 2003        Full Professor in Environmental Geosciences, University of Basel
1995 – 2003     Assistant Professor, Chair of Soil Ecology, BITÖK, University of Bayreuth
1998 – 2000     Supervisor of the laboratories at Chair of Soil Ecology, BITÖK, University of Bayreuth
1996 – 2003     Coordinator of the BITÖK – Monitoring program Lehstenbach (Fichtelgebirge)

Foreign Research Visits

1987 – 1988     Department of Forestry and Nature Conversation in Ciskei (South Africa)
1996 – 1998     Visiting researcher with  Prof. Dr. Myron J. Mitchell, SUNY, Syracuse, NY, USA (Research stipend of the German Research Foundation)
2009                Visiting researcher at the Climate Impacts Research Center, Umeå University, Abisko, Northern Sweden


For a full list of publication please see (pub.pdf, February 2024)

Research achievements Christine Alewell

General research areas are soil chemistry and soil degradation of natural and semi-natural ecosystems, ecosystem fluxes between soil, atmosphere and hydrosphere, biogeochemistry of soils, stable and radiogenic isotopes as indicators in soils. Specifically, the research is focused on

  • sediment source attribution with compound specific stable isotopes
  • stable isotopes as indicators of soil erosion in grassland soils
  • use of radiogenic isotopes to determine soil erosion
  • modelling and mapping of soil erosion
  • reduction processes in soils and freshwater wetlands
  • nutrient cycling and nutrient depletion of soils and forest ecosystems
  • interaction of uplands and wetland soils within landscapes, with consideration of the influence of material leaching from the upland areas into wetlands and riparian zones as well as the buffering effects of wetlands and riparian zones to water bodies

Awards and Honors

2021-2023 Listed as "World's 2% of Scientists" in 2021-2023 list published by #StanfordUniversity (
2021 Editors Highlight Nature Communications: Global phosphorus
2004 Vice Chair Gordon Research Conference Catchment Science
2005 Chair Gordon Research Conference Catchment Science
1998/99 DAAD outgoing stipend as visiting researcher USA
1998 NATO outgoing stipend (declined)

Detailed Curriculum Vitae please see (CV.pdf, Jan 2023)