Title Principal Researcher Status
Expression of benthic isotope effects associated with nitrogen elimination and regeneration in lacustrine sediments Lehmann, Moritz F Ongoing
The "methane paradox": Mechanisms of CH4 production in oxygenated lake waters Lehmann, Moritz F Ongoing
The "methane paradox" in Lake Lugano - understanding methane production in oxygenated waters of lacustrine environments Lehmann, Moritz F Complete
Copper availability, methanobactin production and methan oxidation in two Swiss lakes: Constraints on copper acquisition by methanotrophic bacteria Lehmann, Moritz F Complete
Seasonal Dynamics of Coupled Nitrogen, Sulfur and Carbon Cycling in Redox Transition Zones of Lake Lugano Zopfi, Jakob Complete
Nitrogen elimination pathways and associated isotope effects in Swiss eutrophic Lake Lugano (2010-2013) Lehmann, Moritz F Complete
Biogeochemical fluxes in South-Alpine Lakes: Linking nitrogen and methane dynamics in lacustrine redox-transition zones using a combined stable isotope and molecular approach (2008-2011) Lehmann, Moritz F Complete