Prof. Dr. Pasquale Borrelli
Research associate
Pasquale Borrelli
Philosophisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Departement Umweltwissenschaften
FG Alewell

Research associate

FG Alewell
Bernoullistrasse 30/32
4056 Basel

Tel. +41 61 207 36 31

Research Interests

During the last 16 years Pasquale has gained professional research skills in outstanding universities, European institutions (EC-JRC) and United Nations (FAO). His scientific path is driven by the idea of enhancing our understanding on one of the most significant threats to soil, environmental functions and eventually food security, namely erosion. His studies focus on spatiotemporal assessment of soil degradation due to human-induced erosion processes and consequent loss of soil organic carbon and nutrients.

Current and Previous Positions (cv)

Since Feb. 2023
Research Associate, Environmental Geosciences, University of Basel, Switzerland.

Since Jul. 2022
Associate Professor, Department of Science, University of Roma Tre, Italy.

Jan. 2020-Dec. 2022
Distinguished Research Professor, Kangwon National University, South Korea.

Sep. 2020-Jun. 2022
Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Pavia, Italy.

Sep. 2016-Dec. 2019
Research Associate, Environmental Geosciences, University of Basel, Switzerland.

Dec. 2018-Feb. 2019
Adjunct Scientist, Land and Water, United Nations FAO, Italy.

Jun. 2013-May 2016
Postdoc, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, European Commission Joint Research Centre, Italy.

Aug. 2011-Apr. 2013
Postdoc, Department of Earth Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.


Jul. 2011        PhD, Department of Earth Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.
Jul. 2007        Diploma in Applied Geography, University of Rome Sapienza, Italy.

Awards and Honors

2022, listed among the 6,938 Highly Cited Researchers made by Clarivate - Web of Science Group.
2021-2022, listed among the "World's 2% of Most Impactful Scientists" in 2021, 2022  according to the list issued by Stanford-Elsevier.
2019, Distinguished Research Award 2019 of the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC).


European Geosciences Union (EGU)
International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS)
World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC)

Publications (selected)

As of February 2023, 105 peer reviewed international papers. ISI Web of Science statistics:  H-Index = 42; sum of citations = 7,629; Author's publication percentile range 95th. Google Scholar Statistics: H-Index = 47, sum of citations = 12,175; i10-index = 83. For a full list of publication please see Google Scholar Statistics.

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