Title Principal Researcher Status
EMER-met@Basel (Emergency Response Meteorology) Vogt, Roland Ongoing
Namib Turbulence Experiment (NamTEX) Vogt, Roland Ongoing
Gobabas - Measurement of the Surface Energy Balance in the Namib DesertVogt, Roland Ongoing
ESKIN 5 BASELFeigenwinter, Christian;Wicki, Andreas;Vogt, Roland Complete
Baumaterialien für Städte im Klimawandel - Materialkatalog mit Empfehlungen Feigenwinter, Christian;Vogt, Roland;Wicki, Andreas Complete
Namib Fog Life Cycle Analysis - Field measurements (NaFoLiCA - F) Vogt, Roland Complete
URBANFLUXES - URBan ANthropogenic heat FLUX from Earth observation SatellitesParlow, Eberhard Complete
Visualisation of turbulence by means of thermal imaging during Metcrax IIVogt, Roland Complete
SustainaBle uRban plannIng Decision support accountinG for urban mEtabolism (BRIDGE)Vogt, Roland Complete
Impact of micrometeorological factors on birch pollen emission - MICROPOEMVogt, Roland Complete