EXOCHAINS – Exploring Holocene Climate Change and Human Innovations across Eurasia(M. Kempf, D.Fleitmann), SNSF Swiss Postdoctoral Fellowships - 217358

Holocene hydroclimate, drought dynamics and environmental change recorded in multiple archives from SW Asia (MITRA) (D. Fleitmann), Sinergia 10000157

Determination of palaeotemperatures and lapse rates in central Europe using water isotopes in speleothem fluid inclusions (S. Affolter, D. Fleitmann, E. Hofmeister, T. Kipfer), SNF Projekt 208253

MEDGREENREV - Re-thinking the Green Revolution” in the Medieval Western Mediterranean (6th - 16th centuries) (D. Fleitmann), Horizon Europe ERC

SSE1K - Science, Society and Environmental Change in the First Millennium CE (D. Fleitmann), Horizon Europe ERC 

CITIZEN SCIENCE - Cave Drip Water (S. Affolter, D. Fleitmann)


Societal Responses to Holocene Climate Change and Variability in the Eastern Fertile Crescent: A Speleothem Investigation ( M. Bosomworth; D. Fleitmann)