The modern climate in Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean is strongly affected by two major climate systems; the North Atlantic/Siberian pressure system in winter and the Indian monsoon in summer. Turkey is therefore ideally situated to study how and to what extent both systems were dynamically linked during the Holocene and late Pleistocene periods. However, due to archive-specific shortcomings, tree ring and lake records have hitherto provided fragmentary information on past climate variability in this area.  As a result, the teleconnection pattern between the North Atlantic/Siberian and monsoon climate systems remains poorly understood.  In order to fill this gap of knowledge, we use speleothems to develop highly resolved, well-dated and long time series of past regional climate variability, which can then be compared to paleoclimate records from the North Atlantic, Europe and the Indian monsoon domain. Furthermore, Turkey has a long cultural history and one intriguing question is whether and to what extent climate contributed to major cultural transformations, such as the Late Bronze Age collapse.  

Key Publications

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Further Publications

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