Research Interests

I am interested in the research fields of Aquatic Biogeochemistry, Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry, organic geochemistry, microbial ecology and (paleo-)limnology.

Current research activities include the application of isotope and organic geochemical methods to study N and C cycling reactions and trace gas production (N2O, CH4) in freshwater and marine environments. I am also interested in research related to the preservation and degradation of organic matter and associated isotope effects. The spatial scale of my research extends from enzyme-level biogeochemistry to ocean-scale circulation, with implications for the understanding of intracellular metabolic processes, as well as for global element cycles. 

My record shows a long history of work in Lake Lugano in Southern Switzerland. Lake Lugano is an excellent model system to study biological N and C transformations and their associated isotope fractionation, and to study the environmental and biological controls on the production and consumption of climate-relevant gases in lacustrine.

Prof. Dr. Moritz Lehmann