Research interests

I am interested in studying the regional and global land use change in open economies. In particular, I study the interaction between international trade and changes in land use in fast-growing economies. Breaking down the impact of increasing trade flows between countries on the use of land as a scarce resource is critical to better understand the trade-offs in this regard at the global level. For quantifying these effects and simulating the consequences of potential disturbances, I use the computable general equilibrium CGE models. Typically, this class of models is used to carry out “if-then” analysis. For instance, what would happen in Switzerland, if the production of palm oil in Indonesia (a trade partner of Switzerland) is subsidized.

Curriculum vitae

5/2019- 3/2022   Research Assistant in the Household Economics Research Unit, Swiss TPH, Basel, Switzerland.

2/2019 - 2/2021  Master of Science (MSc) in Economics with focus on International Trade, Environment and Economic Growth, Unlversity of Basel, Switzerland

9/2016- 1/2019  B.A. in Business and Economics, University of Basel, Switzerland