Research interests

In my research, I evaluate agri-environmental policies focusing on nutrient losses. For this reason, I work with agent-based models, but I will also use CEG. I’m interested in different aspects of nutrients losses mainly aspect related to animal production as there is some potential to not only solve nutrient issues, but also other aspect of pollution and the aspect of spatial distribution of the potential losses.

Besides, I am interested in different methodological developments that are related to agent-based models and modelling in general.

Curriculum vitae

2021           Postdoc, Land Use Change, University of Basel, Switzerland

2019-2021 Postdoc, Landscape Architecture & Spatial Planning, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

2018-2019 Postdoc, Socioeconomics, Agroscope, Switzerland

2014-2017 Ph.D. Sustainable Agroecosystems, ETH Zurich, Switzerland & Socioeconomics, Agroscope, Switzerland

2011-2014 M.Sc. Environmental Sciences, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Major: Ecology and Evolution

2008-2011 B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Schmidt, Alena, Mack, Gabriele, Mann, Stefan & Six, Johan. 2021. Reduction of nitrogen pollution in agriculture through nitrogen surplus quotas: an analysis of individual marginal abatement cost and different quota allocation schemes using an agent-based model. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

Schmidt, Alena, Mack, Gabriele,  Möhring, Anke, Mann, Stefan & El Benni, Nadja. 2019. Stricter cross-compliance standards in Switzerland: Economic and environmental impacts at farm- and sector-level. Agricultural Systems.

Schmidt, Alena, Necpalova, Magdalena, Zimmermann, Albert, Mann, Stefan, Six, Johan, & Mack, Gabriele. 2017. Direct and indirect economic incentives to mitigate nitrogen surpluses- a sensitivity analysis. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation.  20(4)7.


Dr. Alena Schmidt


Klingelbergstrasse 27, 4056 Basel