Research interests

I am a human geographer with a strong affinity for social science research methods and approaches. I have always been fascinated by the duality of cities as places full of opportunities and challenges. How can it be that cities are a place for both good and bad health? Which place-based determinants are most important for predicting health outcomes?

I enjoy thinking of and conducting empirical social research, such as questionnaire design, organising and conducting large-volume surveys (30,000 questionnaires) and quantitative as well as qualitative data analysis. For my dissertation titled "The Taming of the Flu", I linked health and place-based data using geo-referenced data from the university hospital, a household survey that I helped lead, and census data from the local statistics office. During my first PostDoc at the Technical University of Munich, I worked with interview data to explore the practical benefits and challenges of recruiting study participants with social media in the context of clinical and non-clinical medical studies.

Besides my new teaching commitments at the University of Basel, I have started working on loneliness and social isolation which share some geographic properties, such as proximity and availability of social contacts and the possibility to access and contribute to the local community with ease. So far, research that goes beyond individual-level determinants to identify what predicts loneliness and social isolation is scarce, which is why I aim to include a geographic approach in my next research project.

Academic Bachground

2018 - 2021 PhD in Human Geography, University of Basel

2015 - 2018 M.A. in English and Geography, University of Basel

2011 - 2015 B.A. in English and Geography, University of Basel

2010 - 2011 Sociology and Gender Studies, University of Basel


Visit my google scholar or research gate page to access all publications and get updates on projects.


  • 1-2 day excursion to the Swiss Geoscience Meeting in Lausanne
  • Ecology in agriculture and forest management
  • Energy and Sustainability in Basel
  • KlybeckPlus and Gateway Basel Nord - Port and urban development in Kleinbasel
  • Poverty in Basel - Social-spatial orientation of the low-threshold help offer
  • Spatial transformations and (re)use of space in the city of Zurich


  • Exercise: Introduction to Empirical Social Research (FS23)
  • Seminar: Urban Geography and Urban Health (HS22)
  • Exercise: Applied Empirical Social Research (HS22)
  • System Earth - Exercise (HS2019/20/21)

Nina Goldman, Dr. phil. 


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