Titelbild Crotot1

Fieldwork in Grotte du Crotot (FR) - 25.11.2022

In November 2022, together with French colleagues from the Speleoclub Doubs central we took our first cave trip in the outstanding Grotte du Crotot in the French Jura mountains. We were able to collect water and speleothem samples and installed monitoring devices for temperature and drip rate, in order to gain more knowledge about the cave system.

Milandre 2022

Fieldwork in Milandre cave (CH) - 17.11.2022

During our most recent fieldtrip to Milandre cave (Switzerland) in November 2022, we installed a new drip water autosampler (SYP fluid sampler, Waikato Scientific Instruments), which collects one drip water sample per day. After the testing phase, this new device will further improve our monitoring capabilities, namely regarding water isotopes.

Sofular 2021

Fieldwork in Sofular cave (TUR) - 11.-16.12.2021

Another field trip to our beloved Sofular Cave in northwestern Turkey to collect more samples. The proximity of the cave to the Black Sea provides a unique opportunity to study past connections between the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea (through the Bosphorus) and climate variability on millennial to annual timescales. During our six-day trip to the cave, we collected old samples dating back to the late to mid Pleistocene.

Sofular 2020

Fieldwork in Sofular cave (TUR) - 21.-27.11.2020

In November 2020 we travelled to northwestern Turkey to meet our good colleague Dr. Koray Koç. Together with him and a German film team we went into Sofular cave to collect new samples to fill the gaps in our data timeline and to talk about past connections between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and the Noah Flood hypothesis. The documentary “Noah und die Sintflut” (Noah and the Flood) can be seen via: https://www.zdf.de/dokumentation/terra-x/grosse-mythen-aufgedeckt-102.html. Have fun!