Research interests and responsibilities

  • Plant ecology
  • Cultivation of plants
  • Management of growth and climate chambers
  • Graphical work, illustrations

Education and professional experience

since 2015 University of Basel, research group of Prof. Yvonne Willi, academic technical assistant
1990 - 2015 University of Basel, research group of Prof. Christian Körner, academic technical assistant
1987 - 1989 University of Innsbruck (Austria), Institute of Botany, research assistant. Project funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): Carbon balance of alpine plants. Studies on quantitative plant anatomy and cell division in alpine plants.
1987 University of Innsbruck (Austria), Diploma in Biology (Botany). Master/diploma project: "Leaf anatomy of herbaceous plants from different altitudes in the Alps: a quantitative analysis." Supervisor: Christian Körner
1961 born in Leonstein (Austria)


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Körner C, Neumayer M, Peláez Menendez-Riedl S, Smeets-Scheel A (1989) Functional morphology of mountain plants. Flora 182:353-383



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