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Latest publications

Körner C (2020) Experiments by Nature: Strength in Realism. In: Burt T, Thompson D (eds) Curious about Nature, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 236-240

Körner C (2020) Trees at the limit. KIOES Opinions (Austrian Acad Sci) 10:12-17

Körner C (2020) Biodiversität, Kohlenstoffkreislauf und Klimawirkungen sind im Wald eng verknüpft. Forum für Wissen (WSL) 2020:65-70

Körner C (2020) Tools shape paradigms of plant-environment interactions. Progess Botany 82:1-42

Möhl P, Hiltbrunner E, Körner C (2020) Halving sunlight reveals no carbon limitation of aboveground biomass production in alpine grassland. Global Change Biol  DOI: 10.1111/gcb.14949

Prescott CP, Grayston SJ, Helmisaari HS, Kaštovská E, Körner C, Lambers H, Meier IC, Millard P, Ostonen I (2020) Rhizosphere ‘trade’ is an unnecessary analogy: response to Noë. Trends Ecol Evol

Prescott CP, Grayston SJ, Helmisaari HS, Kaštovská E, Körner C, Lambers H, Meier IC, Millard P, Ostonen I (2020) Surplus carbon drives allocation and plant-soil interactions. Trends Ecol Evol  35:1110-1118

Rog I, Rosenstock N, Körner C, Klein T (2020) Share the wealth: trees with greater ectomycorrhizal species overlap share more carbon. Molecular Ecology 29:2321-2333

Schuldt B, et al, Körner C, et al (2020) A first assessment of the impact of the extreme 2018 summer drought on Central European forests. Basic and Applied Ecology 45:86-103

Walker A, et al, Körner C, et al (2020) Integrating the evidence for a terrestrial carbon sink caused by increasing atmospheric CO2. New Phytol  doi: 10.1111/nph.16866

Yang Y, Sun H, Körner C (2020) Explaining the exceptional 4270 m high elevation limit of an evergreen oak in the south-eastern Himalayas. Tree Physiology 40:1327-1342

Key publications

Körner C, Basler D, Hoch G, Kollas C, Lenz A, Randin CF, Vitasse Y, Zimmermann NE (2016) Where, why and how? Explaining the low-temperature range limits of temperate tree species. J Ecol 104:1076-1088

Klein T, Bader MKF, Leuzinger S, Mildner M, Schleppi P, Siegwolf RTW, Körner C (2016) Growth and carbon relations of mature Picea abies trees under 5years of free-air CO2 enrichment. J Ecol 104:1720-1733

Körner C (2015) A paradigm shift in plant growth control. Curr Opin Plant Biol 25:107-114

Paulsen J, Körner C (2014) A climate-based model to predict potential treeline position around the globe. Alp Bot 124:1-12

Körner C (2013) Plant ecology (Chapt 11-14). In: Bresinsky et al. (eds) Strasburger's plant sciences. Springer, Berlin

Bader MKF, Leuzinger S, Keel SG, Siegwolf RTW, Hagedorn F, Schleppi P, Körner C (2013) Central European hardwood trees in a high-CO2 future: synthesis of an 8-year forest canopy CO2 enrichment project. J Ecol 101:1509-1519

Körner C (2012) Alpine treelines. Springer, Berlin

Scherrer D, Körner C (2011) Topographically controlled thermal-habitat differentiation buffers alpine plant diversity against climate warming. J Biogeogr 38:406-416

Körner C (2006) Plant CO2 responses: an issue of definition, time and resource supply. New Phytol 172:393-411

Körner C (2003) Alpine plant life. 2nd. Edition; Springer, Berlin

Körner C (2003) Carbon limitation in trees. J Ecol 91:4-17

Körner C, Farquhar GD, Wong SC (1991) Carbon isotope discrimination by plants follows latitudinal and altitudinal trends. Oecologia 88:30-40

Körner C, Scheel JA, Bauer H (1979) Maximum leaf diffusive conductance in vascular plants. Photosynthetica 13:45-82


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