Forschungsseminar: Current Studies in Environmental Geosciences

Semester: FS2024    
Professor: Christine Alewell
Time: Monday starting 11:15 am-12:00 pm (Zoom online)

Hinweis: Vorträge sind in Englisch zu halten 

11.03.2024     Using duel isotopes (13C and 2H) of Lignin derived methoxy groups to

                        apportionment lignin sources in forest soils and aids in explaining

                        approximately 10% of the bulk 13C enrichment across the degradation continuum               Terry Cox

08.04.2024      Practicing lecture presentation for the EGU 2024 in Vienna                                                    for everyone interested
22.04.2024      Identifying Soil Erosion on Terabyte-scale Aerial Imagery.                                                       Fabricio Arend Torres
29.04.2024      The solution for the Lake Baldegg problem and isotopic landuse signatures from

                          different soil characteristics and geological settings.                                                              Axel Birkholz

06.05.2024      Linking biogeochemical and remote sensing data to evaluate peatland health.                       Miriam Gross-Schmölders

06.05.2024      What can lake sediments tell us about Southern Hemisphere 137Cs distribution?                Floriane Guillevic

13.05.2024      Similar freezing spectra of particles in the phyllosphere as at mixed-phase cloud height       Annika Einbock

13.05.2024      Land degradation due to soil erosion in the Mediterranean olive groves:                                 Gabriela Moreno Romero

                       A comparison of 239+240Pu radionuclides and 3D reconstruction of surface levels

27.05.2024      Understanding the Relationship Between Soil erosion and Eutrophication.                               Surya Gupta

27.05.2024      Adapting the FRN method to resampling approach for assessing soil redistribution               Gerald Dicen

                         in Conceicao River Catchment, Brazil  

Info: Pflichtveranstaltung für laufende und geplante Masterarbeiten innerhalb des Masters Geowissenschaften, Modul Umweltgeowissenschaften.