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Jian-Guo C, Yang Y, Song-Wei C, Stöcklin J, De-Li P, Hang S (2019) Recruitment of the high elevation cushion plant Arenaria polytrichoides is limited by competition, thus threatended by currently established vegetation. Journal of Systematics and Evolution:

Kesselring H, Hamann E, Armbruster GFJ, Stöcklin J, Scheepens JF (2019) Local adaptation is stronger between than within alpine populations of Anthyllis vulneraria. Evolutionary Ecology:

Song B, Stoll P, Peng D, Sun H, Stöcklin J (2019) Demography of the giant monocarpic herb Rheum nobile in the Himalayas and the effect of disturbances by grazing. Annals of Botany:

Stöcklin J (2018) Endemismus – Von Pflanzen mit beschränktem Areal und ihren Geheimnissen (Endemism – Plants with limited range and their secrets). Bauhinia 27:1–22

Spinnler F, Stöcklin J (2018) DNA-content and chromosome number in populations of Poa alpina in the Alps reflect land use history. Flora 246: 102-108

Song B, Stöcklin J, Armbruster WS, Yongqian G, Peng D, Sun H (2018) Reversible colour change in leaves enhances pollinator attraction and reproductive success in Saururus chinensis (Saururaceae). Annals of Botany 121:641-650,

Hamann E, Kesselring H, Stöcklin J (2018) Plant responses to simulated warming and drought: a comparative study in functional pasticity between congeneric mid and high elevation species. Journal of Plant Ecology 11:364-374, doi/10.1093/jpe/rtx02

Schmid SF, Stöcklin J, Hamann E, Kesselring H (2017) High-elevation plants have reduced plastictiy in flowering time in response to warming compared to low-elevation congeners. Basic and Applied Ecology 21: 1-12

Scherrer D, Stoll P, Stöcklin J 2016) Colonization dynamics of a clonal pioneer plant on a glacier foreland inferred from spatially explicit and size structured matrix models. Folia Geobotanica 52:353-366

Trunschke J, Stöcklin J (2016) Plasticity of flower longevity in alpine plants is increased in populations from high elevation compared to low elevation populations. Alpine Botany 127: 41-51, doi:10.1007/s00035-016-0176-4

Song B, Stöcklin J, Gao Y-Q, Peng D-L, Song M-S, Sun H (2016) Oviposition by mutualistic seed-consuming pollinators reduces fruit abortion in a recently iscovered pollination mutualism. Sci. Rep. 6, 29886; doi: 10.1038/srep29886

Hamann E, Kesselring H, Armbruster GFH, Scheepens JF, Stöcklin J (2016) Evidence of local adaptation to fine- and coarse-graomed environmental variability in Poa alpina in the Swiss Alps. Journal of Ecology 104: 1627-1637

Stöcklin J, Armbruster GFH (2016) Environmental filtering, not local adaptation of established plants, determines the occurrence of seed- and bulbil-producing Poa alpina in a local flora. Basic and Applied Ecology 17: 586-595


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