30 Mai 2024

Schönbeinstrasse 6,Hörsaal 00.003

Botanical Colloquium by Songwei Wang (PhD Defense)

“Exploring the role of leaf minimum water conductance in tree response to global-change-type drought”

The botanical colloquium is a free of cost, public event organized by the botany research groups of Prof. Yvonne Willi, Prof. Sabine Rumpf, Prof. Klaus Schläppi and Prof. Ansgar Kahmen of the Department of Environmental Sciences.

National and international speakers are presenting their latest resarch outcome in the areas of physiological plant ecology, plant genetics and evolution and plant molecular biology. The talks are aimed to draw the interest of a scientific audience and are given in English.

The colloquium is part of the lectures agenda for biology students and is listed under the number and name: 66113-01Seminar: Biology of Plants and Ecosystems. Inscribed students who attend regularly and fill out the required questionnaires will gain 2 ECTS.

Location: Botany building, Schönbeinstrasse 6, Hörsaal 00.003 how to get there

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