22 May 2019

Bernoullianum, Hörsaal 223

Current Topics in Geosciences: PD Dr. Guenter Hoch, Universität Basel

Trees and drought: How vulnerable are our forests to summer droughts?

Over the last two decades a growing number of drought-related, large-scale forest dieback events have been reported world-wide, including sites in central Europe. Climate change models predict a further increase of the frequency and severity of summer droughts that will likely also affect most forest areas in Switzerland. At the Physiological Plant Ecology group of the University of Basel, we are currently investigating the vulnerability of temperate tree species to drought in order to assess the resilience of our forests at future climate scenarios. Especially, we aim to better understand the exact physiological mechanisms behind drought-induced tree mortality and the biological reasons for species-specific differences in drought sensitivity. In this talk, I will present an overview of our current research on this topic, which reaches from smallscale pot experiments to large-scale investigations of mature forests, including the new Swiss Canopy Crane research facility in Hölstein.

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