05 Mär 2024
16:15  - 17:00

Klingelbergstrasse 27, 5. OG

Vortragsreihe / Ringvorlesung, Kolloquium / Seminar

DUW Kolloquium: Dr. Shevan Wilkin, IPNA

Proteomics of Novel Archaeological Materials

Flyer Wilkin

Abstract: Ancient protein research in relation to archaeological questions has greatly expanded over the last 10 years. Primarily due to advances in mass spectrometry, new technologies now allow us to determine the amino acid sequences of peptides which allows for tissue and species-specific taxonomic identifications. The ability to identify species- and tissue-specific plant and animal proteins has been primarily used to illuminate our understanding of ancient subsistence, and this same technology is now being applied to understand evolutionary trends in ancient health as applied to human remains. For example, my SNF Ambizione project will expand the way we study past disease by applying both proteomics and aDNA to identify mycobacterial pathogen genomes and their associated immune responses. This talk will detail the diverse applications of ancient protein analysis, and touch on new directions as applied to novel archaeological materials.

Im Anschluss an den Vortrag sind alle zu einem Apéro eingeladen. ****  Everyone is cordially invited to an aperitif after the lecture.

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