Research Interests

My PhD research is on the conditions of dust emission from the Free-State in South Africa, which mainly occurs on croplands. This includes field monitoring of the surface characteristics, climate conditions, and dust emission, and experimental research on wind erosion and soil conditions. More specifically, this entails for example:

  • Experimental geomorphology on wind erosion using either a windtunnel or the Portable In Situ Wind Erosion Lab (PI-SWERL) to determine the influence of roughness, crust formation, soil texture and moisture content.
  • Crust formation and crust characteristics on sandy soils, and the resistance of crusts to abrasion and degradation due to saltating particles.
  • Agricultural management in the semi-arid environment in the Free-state and the potential influence of these procedures on the emissivity of the surface.

Heleen Cornelia Vos

Assistentin / Doktorandin (FG Kuhn)


Klingelbergstrasse 27
4056 Basel