BSc and MSc thesis topics in the research group geoecology


Call for BSc Project at the FiBL - Quantification of landscape change in agriculture over 30 last years

Call for BSc/MSc Project at the Agrofutura AG - Auswirkungen verschiedener Schnittverfahren auf die Vegetation von ungedÞngten Fromental- und Magerwiesen

Call for MSc Project at the SUPSI- How do communities of freshwater fungi respond to the condition of riparian forests?

Paleoecology and environmental reconstruction

  • Past vegetation responses or fire history
  • Diversity changes of aquatic invertebrates in lakes in Switzerland, Europe or Africa
  • Inference of past climatic changes based on biotic indicators
  • Early human impact on lakes and landscapes as reconstructed by biotic indicators in lake sediments
  • Stable isotope ecology of aquatic invertebrates and their chitinous remains
  • Spreading and impact of invasive species in freshwater ecosystems

Spring and freshwater ecology

  • Projects studying springs in the Swiss National Park and other Swiss Parks (e.g. Park Beverin, Park Ela)
  • Alpine springs and headwater streams (longitudinal zonation, macro- and meiofauna)
  • Molecular genetic studies of spring organisms
  • Autecological laboratory or field studies (e.g. sensibility to temperature, pesticides...)
  • Assessment and evaluation of streams and rivers (MSK/SPEAR)

Masterprojects for students of the MA Geography are possible in exceptional situations. If you are interested please contact Oliver Heiri or Stefanie von Fumetti as early as possible.

Contact details:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Heiri,, Tel: +41 61 207 08 02

PD Dr. Stefanie von Fumetti, Tel: +41 61 207 08 17