Research Group Geoecology

Research of the Geoecology group focusses on past, present and potential future effects of environmental drivers on species, assemblages and ecosystems on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. We study topics as different as the ecology and biogeography of specialized species and organism-groups, such as aquatic macroinvertebrates inhabiting spring habitats, long-term ecosystem development and past and ongoing species distribution changes reconstructed from biotic indicators (e.g. diatoms, pollen, chironomids, cladocerans). The reconstruction of past climatic and other environmental changes based on biotic assemblages and stable isotope analyses of microfossils in natural archives is a further focus of our research group.

Our research is intrinsically interdisciplinary with close links to Palaeoecology and Ecology, Biogeography, Biogeosciences, Climate Change Research, and Quaternary Geology. Members of the Geoecology group teach in both Geosciences and Biology.

International workshop on fossil chironomids in Basel 2022

Film contribution by the Geoecology Research Group on drill core investigations as part of the KUMiT project "Climate, Humans and Environment in Thurgau" (research cooperation with the Office of Archaeology, Thurgau)

Fabian Rey received the Prix Schlaefli-price at the Swiss Geosciences Meeting on Nov, 6 – congratulations Fabian!

excursion of the geoecology group to Sulsseewli BE, September 2020

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