Online event on fossil chironomid research, August 30 2021 / 13.00 - 17.00

The fossil chironomid workshop scheduled for August/September 2020 in Basel, Switzerland, has been postponed to late summer/early autumn 2022 because of the ongoing pandemic. To provide the community of fossil chironomid researchers with an opportunity for some exchange of results and ideas until then, we will organize an online event focusing on discussing fossil chironomid research on Aug 30, 2021. We plan to have online talks or discussions from ca. 13.00-17.00 CET.

Please register with Ilona Hofmann ( by June 15, 2021 if you would be interested in participating. Please indicate whether you would like to present a short talk, provide a preliminary title if appropriate, and state whether you are an early stage researcher (BSc, MSc, PhD student or early stage postdoctoral researcher). Based on initial registrations we will plan a preliminary program for the event. Registration will still be possible later, but timeslots for presenting results may no longer be available.

In case of a large number of registrations time slots will preferentially be assigned to early stage researchers. In addition, we will keep presentations relatively short since we expect that we can all meet in person in 2022!

Please contact Oliver Heiri ( by e-mail if there are any questions, suggestions, etc.