Online event on fossil chironomid research, August 30 2021 / 13.00 - 17.00

The fossil chironomid workshop scheduled for August/September 2020 in Basel, Switzerland, has been postponed to late summer/early autumn 2022 because of the ongoing pandemic. To provide the community of fossil chironomid researchers with an opportunity for some exchange of results and ideas until then, we will organize an online event focusing on discussing fossil chironomid research on Aug 30, 2021. We plan to have online talks or discussions from ca. 13.00-17.00 CET and the preliminary program for the event is provided below.

The event will take place via Zoom and a meeting link will be distributed to registered participants a few days before the event. Registration is still possible, please register with Ilona Hofmann ( by August 20, 2021.

We look forward to the event and please contact us (Oliver Heiri,, Ilona Hofmann, if there are any questions, suggestions, etc.

Fossil chironomid workshop online event  

August 30 2021, 13.00-17.00 CET      

Preliminary program          

13.00-13.20    Welcome and short (ca. 1 min/person) introduction of participants that do not present

13.20-13.35    Valerie van den Bos: New Zealand chironomids and where to find them

13.35-13.50    Chris Francis: Investigating the spatial variability of abrupt cooling events during the Lateglacial Interstadial in Britain using chironomids and oxygen isotopes

13.50-14.05    Andreas Laug: 16 meter water depth: A chironomid distribution boundary independent of environmental conditions?

14.05-14.20    Alexander Bolland: Chironomid-inferred summer temperature during the last interglacial-glacial cycle in central Europe        

14.20-14.50    General discussion: Date and themes for next chironomid workshop August/September 2022 in Basel, Switzerland           

14.50-15.10    Break     

15.10-15.25    Daniel Vondrak: T-reconstructions based on chironomid assemblages from lakes with low water residence time: A challenging record from Popradske Lake, Slovakia.

15.25-15.40    Fernanda Charqueno Celis: Effect of recent volcanic events on chironomids and testate amoebae in a shallow lake from semi-arid Patagonia (Argentina) during the last ~300 yrs

15.40-15.55    Pierre Lapellegerie: A new fossil chironomid record covering the Last Glacial Maximum from the Bergsee lacustrine record (Black Forest, Germany) from 45 to 9 ka

15.55-16.10    Roseanna Mayfield: Title to be provided

16.10-16.25     Sonja Rigterink: Sub-fossil chironomids as indicators of hydrological changes in a shallow high-altitude lake Shen Co, Tibetan Plateau, during the last 200 years.       

16.25-17.00    Open discussion points and background information for workshop 2022