PolARTS by Pro Helvetia offers artists and researchers the opportunity to work together on projects related to polar regions.

Janis Polar (visual artist) with Dr. Sandra Brügger and their PolARTS tandem project Fire &(A)Ice – Exploring image-based aesthetics of microfossils in ice cores’.

The tandem aims to explore the visual aspects of microfossils preserved in ancient ice cores. Through a dynamic exchange of methodologies and expertise, the partners seek to create an innovative fusion of art and science. They plan to experiment with both analog and digital datasets across various settings, including scientific laboratories, art studios, and field locations such as conferences and museums. By examining microfossils from diverse ice core samples, they aim to uncover connections between microscopic particles and broader ecological, historical, and technological contexts. The collaboration is driven by a shared curiosity and a desire for interdisciplinary exchange, aiming to lay the groundwork for future projects blending visual art, artificial intelligence, and ice core research.

Link to funding website: https://prohelvetia.ch/en/whats-on/polarts-selected-tandems-2024/

Link to Artist website: https://www.janispolar.com/



Ice Core

Picture credits: Jean-Vincent Simonet