Research Interests

I have always been fascinated by paleontology in all its aspects, particularly vertebrate and arthropod paleontology, evolution, as well as paleoenvironmental and paleoecological reconstructions. My thesis consists in studying Cladocera remains from high altitude alpine lake sediments in order to determine the influence of climate change, and Homo sapiens in general, on these lakes in the last decades.

Curriculum Vitae

From March 2022 PhD student at the University of Basel, Department of Environmental Sciences, Geoecology Research Group

2021 Exercise assistant at the University of Brussels, Belgium (supervision of practical works and fieldworks for geography and geology bachelor students)

2020 Scientific colaborator at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgium (research assistant for the Belspo project PalEurAfrica, realization of phylogenetic analysis, illustrations of fossil mammals and paleontological digs in Tadkeshwar lignite mine, India)

2019-2022 Volunteering at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgium (phylogenetic analyses, 3D images processing, segmentation of micro CT-scan images, and writing articles in the context of research on multituberculate mammals)

2019-2021 Didactic colaborator at the University of Namur, Belgium (supervision of practical works and fieldworks for chemistry, biology, geography and geology bachelor students, management of the geology department's paleontology collections)

2017-2019 Master in Paleontology, Universities of Poitiers and Montpellier, France

2014 Volunteer archeological digs at the Gallo-Roman villa of Mageroy, Belgium

2014-2017 Bachelor in Geology, University of Namur, Belgium



  • Smith, T., Codrea, V. A., Devillet, G. and Solomon, A. A., 2021. A new mammal skull from the Late Cretaceous of Romania and phylogenetic affinities of kogaionid multituberculates. Journal of Mammalian Evolution.
  • Devillet, G. , Sun, Y., Li, H. and Smith, T., 2021. A new partial skeleton of Kryptobaatar from the Upper Cretaceous of Bayan Mandahu (Inner Mongolia, China) relaunch the question about variability in djadochtatherioid multituberculate mammals. Cretaceous Research 130, 105041.

Ghéreint Devillet
Klingelbergstrasse 27
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